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Anyone interested in a 32 GB 2nd Generation iPod touch?

I am looking to get around 350 for everything. I just got it 2 and a half months ago and haven't used it for the past 3 weeks. I got it thinking I wasn't going to get the iPhone, but then my phone broke. I got the iPhone after all and now have no need for the iPod too.

It is in absolutely perfect condition, it has has a screen protector on the screen and the back since the moment I took it out of the package. I also have it in a DLO silicone case that has a place to hold the earbuds on the back. I have had absolutely no problems with it and loved it (hence the iPhone).

I have 2 extra screen protectors that I am going to include, the case, and everything that came with the ipod (even most of the plastic sleeves to hold the cords). I even still have the receipt for the case and the ipod. I have pics if you are interested I just didnt feel like taking them if no on is interested. Thanks.
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