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Is E85 a Good Upgrade For the Accord V6/J-Series?!

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So I have been running E85 on my Accord V6 for about a month/4-5 fill ups and this video describes my full honest impressions on the conversion! I will do a quick write up on this post in order to give a summary of my thoughts, but make sure to check out the full video and subscribe/like please.

Impressions of the E85 tune:

1. Fuel economy suffers by 15-20%, but the cost is between 40-50% less so it is a net positive at the end of the day, you'll just have to fill up maybe a day earlier or so in comparison to the 87-91 octane.

2. The power increase is noticeable between the full rev range, but most notable in the mid to high range. The increased torque and hp helps with both daily drivability and acceleration.

3. Cost to power gain is up for debate because you get 10-15 whp + wtq with this conversion, but it does cost around $1500. The savings with gas will probably end up with a net positive, but it won't be by a lot.

If you want to know what's needed for the conversion I have the full breakdown on the channel. Also, I am parting out some of my Accord mods so hit me up on IG if you're interested in some items :)


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