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Hi all, I have thus blown engine from an 04 6-6 speed accord that I can no longer afford to store. Was planning on rebuilding it later for another project but I may not be able to anymore. Anyways, more than likely a blown rod at 114k miles. Been laying around so here is everything I've taken off and used for my j32a3 swap. No oil pan, no transmission, no water housing, old coils, no IM but can Include it (laying around somewhere), no engine cap, old spark plugs, old ignition coils, no timing belt cover, and perhaps some water Inside since it has been raining a few days. Literally needs to be rebuild!! Would ideally like to take $100 for it but at this point it's OBO 😩. Won't be able to deliver if anyone is interested, would have to be picked up in LA.

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