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Seller: Eddie
Price: $3,200 Firm
Location: Leesburg, VA (Pauls)
Contact: PM or call/txt 571- two three five -3328

As everyone on here knows, my car was rear ended and totaled last year. I had some plans of swapping it into a hatch, but have no time to start the project. Some of you followed the build thread. This was the first 3.7L stroker to exist two years ago built by Paul. The motor was healthy and has 35,xxx miles from when it was built to when it was removed. Followed strict break-in procedures with Castrol GTX 5w30 for the first 10k miles. Then used AMSOIL 100% Synthetic 5w30 with AMSOIL filter for the remaining 25k.

All internals in the build were from Honda/Acura
J32A2 long block
-J37 bottom end internals
-2008 TL-S hollow cams
-2008 TL-S valve springs
-Timing Belt/ Waterpump/Tensioner/Cam & Crank Seals/Valve Cover Gasket
-Unorthodox Racing Crank Pulley (Underdrive)
-P&P heads
-P&P intake Manifold
-Aluminum Plenum spacers
-Throttle Body bore by King Motorsports (new TPS from Blox)
-P2R thermo spacers (intake manifold & throttle body)
Some other little things I may be missing

Dynojet @ ISP in MD pulled 300whp/280wtq with this engine, CAI, Headers, 2.5" exhaust.

I had plans of putting RDX injectors, P2R fuel rail, Walbro Fuel Pump, cams, and tune with AEM EMS2 to put it close to max potential (~325-350whp). I have the P2R fuel rails (not installed) that I will include with the motor.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. No tire kickers or lowball offers. Just rebuilding parts from Acura/Honda was $2k alone. The price I’m asking is really reasonable for this build. I have just about every receipt for all parts. Would love to see someone finish what I started!

I will try to post some pictures sometime soon.
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