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I am doing a CL-S Swap into a 6GA (00-02) non dizzy and I am just gonna document certain things to make it happen, I own and could’ve just used the the V6 module , but I would rather do a full conversion, so CL-S ECU, M/T Harness, Key, Ignition and transmission . Except I’m using a J35A4.

Here is the J35A4:
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The issue with using this motor on a J32a2 M/T is that a few of the components timing components must be replaced in so the harness is plug and play and can properly allow the motor/trans and ecu to communicate. Those components come from the original Type S motor and are :

1. Upper right cam gear
2. Upper right cam gear backing plate w sensors
3. M/T Crank position sensor
4. M/T Crank position sensor sub-harness
5. M/T Crank Gear

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Some items should be a direct fit to the motor without modification, such as crank gear, M/T crank position sensor and the manual sub-harness for the crank sensor. (Depicted below).

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There is even a tiny rubber grommet on the crank sub-harness that accommodates for the impression in the motor for where it should sit.

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