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I am doing a CL-S Swap into a 6GA (00-02) non dizzy and I am just gonna document certain things to make it happen, I own and could’ve just used the the V6 module , but I would rather do a full conversion, so CL-S ECU, M/T Harness, Key, Ignition and transmission . Except I’m using a J35A4.

Here is the J35A4:
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The issue with using this motor on a J32a2 M/T is that a few of the components timing components must be replaced in so the harness is plug and play and can properly allow the motor/trans and ecu to communicate. Those components come from the original Type S motor and are :

1. Upper right cam gear
2. Upper right cam gear backing plate w sensors
3. M/T Crank position sensor
4. M/T Crank position sensor sub-harness
5. M/T Crank Gear

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Some items should be a direct fit to the motor without modification, such as crank gear, M/T crank position sensor and the manual sub-harness for the crank sensor. (Depicted below).

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There is even a tiny rubber grommet on the crank sub-harness that accommodates for the impression in the motor for where it should sit.

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In order to get those M/T components to fit you’re going to want to grind the block in the following places (That top spot just create a dimple for the cam sensor plate, the bottom one just shave the wall pretty flush (AN AFTER IMAGE WILL BE AVAILABLE)):

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The 3rd spot is just underneath a bolt hole to the right of the cam, you’ll just want to grind it flat. (AN AFTER IMAGE WILL BE AVAILABLE):

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With a good burr set you should make quick work with it and have something similar to this

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Here you can see the dimple cleared for the top of the bolt on the cam sensor plate, the wall is shaved enough to allow the body of the sensor to sit.

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As you can see along with plenty of metal shavings I have a flat underside of the bolt hole, it should not have have an effect on the integrity of the threads.

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Voila! Your J32a2 cam plate should fit. We can skip reinstallation.



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Nice dude! Can't wait to see the end result. Interesting choice; I like swapping over the sensors! Once you get things where you can tool around the neighborhood, be sure to get some video. If you come across any weird ECU issues, hit me up.
No worries.. i plan on also slowly updating the build progress onto here, as theres not many detailed step-by-step write ups on 6th gen swaps with surviving photos. But will do man you know your stuff ill definitely be around for questions! :)

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Great write up! Any progress? Will you have to change any of the under dash wiring for this swap? GLHF on the swap, love to see the 6g community is still alive.
Alive and well my guy..! im CURRENTLY in progress.. and am planning to do separate write ups like this on each process. Including, integrating the stock AV6 cluster with a CLS 3rd ecu clip.
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