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2004 Accord EX-L 6-6 (Sadly crashed on the driver's side in 8/21)
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I'm learning so much and I'm very thankful. I currently have an '04 Accord Coupe 6-6 EX-L w/Nav which is essentially stock but unfortunately it was wrecked in August while my wife was driving and totaled by the insurance company. I kept it and have been working on getting it safe to drive again.


I just came across an '03 Accord Coupe 6-6 EX-L for sale which has had an '05 TL J32 with 6spd trans (which should have a LSD if I'm reading things right) swapped in. It also has a precat delete (which unfortunately is causing a CEL), it has a J35 MDX intake spacer and a magnesium intake plenum as well as the TL spindles, Brembo brakes, a high flow J pipe and a stainless Magnaflow cat back system. Seller says it needs a new clutch which should mean I can get it for a good price.

This has me rethinking all of the work I'm doing on the wrecked car. I need to learn a lot more about the J32 swap and what I'll need to do to chase down the CEL (must pass an OBD2 emissions test where I live). This is why I'm so thankful for the wealth of knowledge here. I'll be going to take a look at the car tomorrow and likely deciding at that point if I'll keep my current Accord or give the uncrashed one a go.
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