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hi guys, i just bought this LED blinkers,
they are hyper white
and fit perfectly on our blinkers.
i bought them for 5.99 each plus 5 bux shipping = 16.98
well i am selling them now cuz i wanna get LED yellow ones.
both bulbs work. on one of them one tiny led light does not light up. u cant really notice it unless ur 2-3 inches away from the light. i had it in my car for 3-4 hours. its 3 days old.
i'm asking 10 bux or best offer. for local, i can just hand it to ya or we meet. otherwise buyer pays shipping.
thanks guys

and yes they are bright. plus look good
it has 12 LED's in one bulb
here are the stats:
1157-W12 White LED bulb
Super White 12-LED 12VDC replacement bulb
15mm Dual Contact Bayonet Base
12 Wide Angle LEDS
$ 5.99
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