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Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've visited the forums, the new design looks great better than ever.

Anyway I've been cleaning out my closet and my garage and I have a few random parts lying around. Like the topic says So. Cal only please.

1. Clear 1st Gen projector headlights ***$10*** Jon has dibs on these.
They are pretty tore up, I had these on my car for at least 2 years, all they are really good for are a retro-fit

2. Halo Projector headlights ***$50*** I have to go back and inspect them but from what I remember they were still in pretty decent shape. Again I would only reccommend buying these for a retro-fit, they look nice but light output is awful.

3. Reverse White face Indiglo Gauges ***$20*** I never had any problems with these, there are a few minor scratches but nothing too noticeable. These look nicer than the really cheap ones they have on e-bay, the company that makes these are AC I paid 65 for them when they were brand new.

4. Obx Lower Tie Bar ***$40*** I purchased this when Av6 had the group buy. I think I paid 65 for it. I never installed the bar and it is still brand new.

I'm located in Glendale, either leave me a private message or get ahold of me on AIM. I'll have pictures upon request or you locals could just stop by to check everything out.
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