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I drive a 1998 AV6 Coupe, so keep that in mind when you are reading this.

1) Exhaust system, prefferably Comptech but that style will do.

2) Any set of four 16' rims, gloss black with a chrome lip.

3) Helix TB spacer, old or new version, doesnt matter. Please specify what version though.

4) Corbeau Forza II racing seats. Yellow or Black.

5) Black-housed OEM headlights.

6) Zex wet nitrous bottle. All i need is the bottle.

7) Any green neon tubes. Specify exterior or interior.

8) TEIN SS or SS-P, specify which model.

9) Steering wheel from any Acura that WILL fit my AV6.

10) OEM spoiler, prefferably Taffetta White, if not.... PM me.

11) OEM/aftermarket front bumper, prefferably Taffetta White, if not.... PM me.

12) OEM/aftermarket rear bumper, prefferably Taffetta White, if not.... PM me.

13) OEM/aftermarket sideskirts, prefferably Taffetta White, if not.... PM me.

Thanks, if you have any of these parts, feel free to either PM me or post on this thread.

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hey ive got an aftermarket bumper sitting in my garage i will sell very cheap just cuz i want it gone...ive also got a TBS ill let go for cheap cuz its just laying around in my garage, let me know if you want any of it. Ill sell very cheap

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i have these parts for a white 2000 accord coupe

Front bumper ( good condition)
Rear Bumper (paint is coming off where i put vinyl decals)
Hood ( normal wear)
Fenders (good condition but has a sidemarkers in it)

Make me an offer on these products if you like. Please do not low ball me.
I am located in Illinois for pick up. Will ship products but will need to charge the correct amount for shipping and handeling.
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