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In my experience, the 7th Gen Accord OEM manual shift knobs are really bad for extreme heat and cold. Having driven manuals all my life, I have never had hot/cold problems like this on a shift knob.

While in search of a new shift knob I came across these covers from Blox. For only $5 shipped, I figured it would be worth a try until I found a replacement knob.

There are many different option people have gone with to replace the shift knob and this cover would give me more time to research.

Almost 2 years later, I think I may just stay with the cover. Does it slip some? Yes, a little sideways, but after a while I am used to it and don’t notice.

Definitely not for racing or anything hard, but daily driving seems fine.

Of the 2 sizes offered, the long fits best as it covers the whole knob.

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