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Hi All -

Here are the FINAL details:

What: Car meet
When: March 25->Saturday
Where: Cabin John Park
Rain Date: Sunday March 26
Time to be their by:
Registration for the car show starts at 10:30am and goes until 12:00pm, we'd like to have judging start around 1-2pm so we can give awards around 4-5pm.

Contact us my PM or through aim
My AIM SN is PimpDaddyJJ2713

Address to park: (use to get door to door directions)
Cabin John Regional Park
7400 Tuckerman Lane
Rockville, MD 20852

We are going to have signs pointing you to where to park as well as the organizers pointing you to the right direction. If you can get to the front gate, you'll be money!


$10 Car show entry (includes food/drink)
$5 General Admission (includes food/drink)

We have upgraded yet again, we now have 2 Enclosures (THAT'S RIGHT 2!). I did this so
that we could have Dizzy DJ the meet and not bother the people next to us if we have him
between the 2 enclosures.

The Car Show Award Details:

5 "Best of..." Awards:
Best of Show - Overall Car
Best Exterior
Best Interior
Best Audio/Video System
Best of Performance

1990-1997 Cars
1st-3rd places - (Stock) - Factory cars only (factory kits, rims, suspensions,)
1st-3rd places - (Mild) - Rims, Suspension, Stereo, Body Kit
1st-3rd places - (Wild) - Cars with a lot of custom stuff

1998-2006 Cars
1st-3rd places - (Stock)
1st-3rd places - (Mild)
1st-3rd places - (Wild)

1. Phatintegra
2. DRE
3. Iobidder

**there is one other judge coming**

Website of the park:

Map of the park:

For anyone that is helping, here is a list of TO DO's:
Here is the master list I've compiled, I have not received one email addy from anyone, so if you plan to help
please email me at [email protected] or I will not have you down as someone helping. As stuff gets done
I will be posting the progress to keep everyone on point.

IF YOU ARE HELPING, PLEASE BE THERE BY 8:30-9:00AM! We have much to do and not a lot of time so being on time is important.

Jon - civicexcoupeman
1) Signs directing people
2) coolers for drinks food - DONE
3) grills (charcoal + ligher fluid) - DONE
4) food - remember to ask about packets of condements
5) folding chairs (if you have em) and folding table - DONE
6) friends - DONE

Dre - telele
1) Car Show Registration forms - DONE
2) Slips to put in car windshields - DONE
3) food - hot dogs/hamburgers
4) Judges - PhatIntegra, DRE, and IoBidder (please be there 8:30am) - DONE
5) friends - DONE

Eric - civicsi94
1) condements (ketchup, mustard, mayo)
2) utensils (plates, napkins, forks)
3) anything else you can think of that you'd be involved with (email me)
4) food (hotdogs/hamburgers)
5) friends - DONE

Me- Jason2713
1) reservations - DONE
2) trophies - DONE
3) grilling utensils - I have one set, anyone else have any? bring em - DONE
4) folding table/chairs - DONE
5) grill - DONE
6) food (hotdogs/hamburgers, salads)
7) sodas
8) friends - DONE

Troy - lil_turbo
1) food (hot dogs/hamburgers)
2) utensils (forks, spoons, knives)
3) plates
4) napkins
5) sodas
6) friends - DONE

k24/k20 Turbo coming soon
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Here is an updated roster... :
1. ByronS aV6
2. mdRSX06
3. bjelder
4. VaFinestRSX
5. HondaGuy1122
6. fventura03
7. CannibalCow
8. echeung626 +++
9. seanpurcel +++
10.LitUpRSX +++
__________________ :
1.lil_turbo4- black CLS 6sp +4
3.Malayalee king-blue TL
5.kcblack02tl-s- +1
11. julyccc
13.Clean AC
15.Reach- TSX +1
23.DJBLAST- Maybe
__________________ :
1. vxcoastie-100% coming bringing turbo VX
2. mferrari
3. lilred-Not coming
4. snoopy006-is going to be their
5. BigTuna
6. DpoweredEF
7.excrx940-3 cars and 3 ppl
8. remoer-Just moved so if he get his **** in line he will come from ATL for this meet if not he's not coming

[ :
1.civicEXcoupeman-will bring maybe 5 ppl
3.j3pz (maybe)
5. mattslilchevygrl-bring 2-3 other cars
6. gotariceburner-
7. strickensix
8. Ten94Tuner
9.scrappys64-> be their with 3-4 cars
10. DAman
11. SEntRaman
12. jayunsplanet
13. jagblazer01
14. 2.slow4u-maybe
15. Cazper-probually will come with his Sentra SE-R needs work wont be in the show
15. skylizzlefoshizzle-maybe 1994 R32 Skyline-still need to ask him to come
16. Veedub
17. HazardousPhotography
a few other ppl maybe not listed
__________________ :
1. schmitty8402
2. 98EXL
3. Raddy21
4. blk2001tlon19s
5. av6vtec1
6. telele
7. NwTnr7383
8. Hyeone
9. ThugedoutMex2003
11.CivicKyd +1 Sylon03 from

2. Jason300zxTT
3. fventura03
4. Hondasi88
5. suadi's gto
6. 1slohatch + few STI's EVO's & SRT 4'S
7. 1quickcoupe
__________________ /
As well as these ppl might come
1. hobie237-One of the staff but isnt sure still if he's coming will tell me Sunday
2. yellowrexsi-has work wont be their
1. smbundy-might bring 2 other ppl
2. bmxr8cr-maybe come with 3 friends

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Well Jon has come up with an ingenious way for us to organize you guys by forums so you can be with your friends. Its not going to please EVERYONE but at least you can be with your forum.

Posted by Jon on -
set up parking plans ive debated and came to a conclusion this is the best way:

Ask boss if i can put a deposit on the orange large cones we sell. So I dont need to buy it and use it for 1 day
buy colored posters and write each forum name on each poster (will cut peices out so its not a huge poster and so we can use part of each poster board for other signs)
In that way we can point ppl which are to park in easily by pointing to the color poster

forum name posters will be taped to the cones

I will get some wooden garden polls and some colored marking tape to put in colors the area of parking each forum should take up.

So when you arrive, we will have areas assigned for each forum involved with the meet. we will be at the front entrance to the parking lot to collect fee and to point you to your colored area. The parking lot is pretty big so I am confident we will get everyone in :)

Keep in mind, depending on how many people you have in your car is how much you pay. $10 for showing and eatting for the driver only. It will be $5 per person beyond. If you don't feel like being in the car show, its just $5 a head. for example, lets say you want to show your car, and have 2 friends with you. This is $10 (car and driver) + $5 (1 friend) + $5 (1 friend) = $20

What we want:
1) To make this clear, just being there costs us money by renting the space, period. In turn, being there will cost you money. So do not show up if you do not intend to pay willingly. I do not want to hear, "Oh, we just wanted to drop in a for a while, not to eat or show, just to chill." Pull your own weight and come up with the 5 bones per person. Enough said on this topic.

2) Adult acting people, I'm no one's parent. This is for fun, the car show is for fun, period.

What we don't want:
1) Reving engines, peeling tires, seeing how loud my exhaust is compared to yours, seeing how loud my stereo is, racing.

2) When you leave the park, DO NOT PEEL AWAY LIKE A BAT OUTTA HELL. This happens at every show I go to when its over, everyone has to be a show off. We have kids and parents (families) there to enjoy a peaceful day at the park. You represent your forum, so acting the fool calls out your entire forum. Act accordingly.

Well in the home stretch! 3 days until game day! :) Can't wait to meet everyone!

Hella Functional
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Free bump!

Doh! I was just up in NoVA last weekend... damn it... lol would have loved to gawk at everyone's car ;p

I see you got ur ride all pimped out again Dre! Congrats!

k24/k20 Turbo coming soon
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DV8 said:
Free bump!

Doh! I was just up in NoVA last weekend... damn it... lol would have loved to gawk at everyone's car ;p

I see you got ur ride all pimped out again Dre! Congrats!

Dude you should make the trip :)

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DV8 said:
Free bump!

Doh! I was just up in NoVA last weekend... damn it... lol would have loved to gawk at everyone's car ;p

I see you got ur ride all pimped out again Dre! Congrats!
this is this saturday, you can still make the meet :)

even looks like the weather is going to be pretty good...calling for sunny, and in the 50's ..... I'll take that over the alternative :)

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Dizzy said:
Ok, I saw and heard fire trucks go down Westlake Drive toward the meet, so who got into an accident? ;)

some dude in a REAL nice impala! i was heart broken!
i hope all those that made it had a great time, we had near our goal of 100 cars..
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