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email:[email protected]
Aim: JdmJunke1
Cell: call or text Joel @ 909-728-nine nine six seven
PayPal: [email protected]

I'm a nice person, you can ask around but not a push over. My prices are firm, and I'd hate to be a jerk and tell someone GTFO!! If you are not prepared to buy at these prices please don't lowball me. I'm in the worse situation possible right now, I need the cash and hate to see these hard to find items go, but I am not insane enough to release them from my grasp at a crack heads costs. If your 5 bucks shy, say so, but do not ask for 10,20, 30+ off the listed price. WHAT I PAID, YOU WILL PAY OR you can keep searching.

1st come, 1st serve
SHIPPING OK at your expense


$105 shipped AE86 stainless Braided Brake, Clutch line kit 7 pcs no paypal fees!!!

$75 Shipped Aftermarket FRP 03+ accord mesh grill Freshly painted Taffy White

$20 shipped OEM/JDM EG Amber side markers - No harness, No sockets

$20 shipped OEM/JDM EK Amber side markers - will trade for clear - No harness, No sockets

$330 Nardi Woodgrain wheel and shift knob rare ass combo! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

$500/600 shipped Zenki front bumper w/ emblem, grill, signals, & brackets

$100 you pick up or agree to pay s/h. FRP Mugen TSX replica side skirts (Mint never mounted condition)[/b]
* Fits 03+ TSX

$100 92-00 D16 Hydro case ( grinded 3rd, when dis-assembled, internals can be included +50 or trans rebuilt +100)[/b]
* Big bearing B000
* Cleaned,
* Casting imperfections cleaned away as well

*SOLD*$350 AE86-1985 corolla Manual Rack swap NEWLY Rebuilt rack, T3 Bushing spacer, MR2 U-joint MK3 intermediate shaft, GTS Tilt coulumn w/ Tilt panel

*SOLD*$250 JDM Sprinter tails w/ Custom LED Illumination

*SOLD*$400 JDM Zenki Rear bumper w/ brackets

*SOLD*$150 FIRM shipped!!! plus 4.4% if you pay by paypal 03-05 accord 4dr (2003-05 4DR Accord K098730U)

*SOLD*$70 Zenki Eyelids, Corner lights, Headlight Assemblies- no motor w/ covers...hella minty!

*SOLD*$250 GTS Gas Tank w/ filler neck, lines, sending unit, Fuel pump, fuel filter

*SOLD*$25 ea. AE86 Balck carpet - 7.5/10

*SOLD*$180 AE86 HB Window Louvers

*SOLD* $50EA/ $80 Pair Zenki ae86 chassis & engine room harness

*TRASHED* $20 shipped 4age Throttle bodyfully functional, tps stud needs re-thread

*TRASHED*$75 Rattler alarm w/ remote & instructions

*TRASHED*$25 shipped ae86 tps 100% functional

*TRASHED*$50 pair $25ea Ae86 driver & passenger side fender -psngr fender is being shaved & rust removed by welder. both white

*TRASHED*$5 Ae86 seat belt- rear

*TRASHED*$15 shipped White ae86 door hinges- sorry no pic

*TRASHED* free local k-series crap

*TRASHED*ae86 mint a/c pane no cracks, no fades, no scrapes...sorry no pic

*TRASHED*$10 AE86 Roof cut for a HB

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so only the skirts no lip? I would love that lip? is it painted?
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