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Hey everyone! I've had 2 different threads started before this and as stated before, I'm trying to get rid of all these parts ASAP for college money and to eliminate space in storage. I currently have a turbo'd 05 Accord, so many of the parts are not needed. Some parts have also come off my brother's RSX Type-S. Parts posted will fit 02-05 RSX, 04-08 TSX, 03-07 Accord, 90-93 Accord, 02-05 Civic Si, Element, K20 or K24 engines. I have listed prices on the parts but you can negotiate with me. Just be reasonable with your suggestion. Also, I am only dealing local for now as I do not have time to deal with shipping since I'm in school. If you're local (Socal) and are interested, Please e-mail me at [email protected] or text me at 626 824 5571. Names Justin. Just lemme know if you E-mail or text me. Please No PMs. Post on my thread if you cant reach me. If you want mutiple parts, I can do combined pricing.

TSX RSX K20 K24 CB7 Parts pictures by JustPeraltaaa - Photobucket

Here's a list of parts:
-RC 550 Injectors - $160
-InlinePro T3/T4 Turbo Manifold - $120
-Turbonetics/AirResearch T3 Turbo with A/R.48 Turbine Housing, 4AN Feed adapter and 10AN Drain adapter - $100
-Turbonetics T3 A/R .63 Turbine Housing - $50
-Garrett Turbine housing of HKS GT2835 with a crack between the Exhaust and Wastegate outlet - $20
-HKS Internal Wastegate Actuator off GT2835 - $60
-OBX 3AM 30" SS Oil feed line (New) - $20
-Godspeed Same Side Intercooler painted black - $30
-Godspeed Fuel Pressure Regulator - $10
-Godspeed 2.5" pipes and couplers - $20
-Godspeed 2" coupler (New) - $5
-Godspeed 2.5" pipe with welded HKS BOV flange - $5
-Skunk2 K20A3/K24A1/A4 Stg. 2 Camshafts - $300
-Skunk2 K20/K24 Exhaust Pro Series Cam Gear (New) - $200
-Greddy/Apexi 2.5" Resonators - $40 for 1/ $70 for both
-03-07 Accord Cham Kpro split Harness (will need some rewiring to work correctly) - $130
-03-07 Accord DC Sports SS Exhaust - $240
-03-07 Accord K24A4 DC Sports Ceramic 4-2-1 Headers (will fit 04-08 TSX) - $140
-03-07 Accord Eibach Pro Kit Springs - SOLD
-03-07 Accord K24A4 RAA Intake Manifold - $10
-03-07 Accord Coupe Window Visors (not OEM) - $5
-03-07 Accord Sedan Rear Roof Visor (cut to fit Coupe) - SOLD
-Dual ASPEC exhausts (custom made to fit 05 Accord k24, will need to get rewelded near flange) - $40
-04-08 TSX Tein Basics (Were used on my 05 Accord, Fronts were Rehauled in 2010, will not inclue top hats) - $360
-Ichiba v.2 20mm Spacers (Pair only) - $100
-K&N filter with 4" inlet (New) - $10
-AEM Dryflow with 4.5" inlet (New) - $10
-RSX-S Engine and tranny mounts with Energy Suspension inserts - $15
-RSX-S AEM Intake with heat sheild and aftermarket filter - $40
-RSX Depo Blackhoused Headlights (will need to reseal drivers side and both need to be rebuffed) - $80
-RSX-S PRB Intake Manifold - $15
-RSX 3 Gauge Pillar (New) - $10
-90-93 Accord One Piece Headlights - SOLD
-90-93 Accord F22A1 Head (bought on ebay awhile back. I never used on my car but was said to have been ported and acid cleaned. Come with valve guides. Missing a couple of valves and springs. no rockers and not sure of how much it was proted.) - $40
-90-93 Accord F22A1 Stock Camshaft with Cam gear - $5
-Honda CBR 750 Individual Throttle Bodies with CBR 1000 velocity stacks (never got around to doing my DIY ITBs) $70

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is that ITB i see? fit's K24?
I was actually gonna do a DIY ITB setup on my old CB7 but never got around to doing so. I checked to see if theyd fit the Stock K24 runner, but they're a couple of millimeters off. Woulda been a cool setup, but those ITBs are pretty small, lol.
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