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I've had these sitting around for a while, I purchased these and was going to use them for the 6x9's and sold off the tweeters, but ended up not using them at all. Items are unused, except I hooked it up to my HT receiver to make sure they work. These will be perfect replacement for the stock 6x9's, and many consider them to be the most subwoofer sounding 6x9's available at this price range.

These are from the RCE269 Reference series, not to be confused with the cheaper coaxial's. Keep in the mind the woofers are pretty heavy for shipping purposes.

RCE269 6x9 woofers, will be shipped in original box. $80 plus shipping

Crossover's, $30 plus shipping

PM me for shipping quote, shipping in the continental US only :thumbsup:
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