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Just saw this on HT.

Last 2 turnouts were great with a realistic amount of cars and some fun racing. The park and ride off Snowden River parkway is great, cops allow us there, space for around 100 cars and plenty of people. Hopefully we'll get the meet started around 9:00 with people trinkling in the whole night.
Mapquest 8630 Snowden River Parkway
Columbia, MD 21045 US

Thats the krispy kreme which is 1 block from the park and ride on the same side of the street. When you get to the krispy kreme the park and ride is 1 block up from it right before the bridge.

This meet is posted onhonda tech, clubwrx, s2ki, srtfroums, nasioc, evolutionm, and facebook so far. Should be a great turnout like the other times. Plenty of hondas and beyond that pleny of all kinds of cars. This should be our last big meet some come strong guys. Hopefully new faces all around. Northern parkway, glen burnie, columbia, rockville, and virginia people were there last time but hopefully we'll have a bigger turnout this time and fill the lot.

Any of you guys going?

I am thinking about going just to check one of these out and to represent for accords, even though mine is almost stock :D
It doesn't seem like many accords come out to these events though.

zany you wanna go?
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