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ive got a used (2000 miles) accord 98-02 megan racing cat back. now i have this exhaust on my 2 door but when i got it, it seems that they sent me the 4door one. so basically, it shoudl fit both, but i kno 100% it fits the coupe :)

asking price is $200 and i already have one offer. this is WITHOUT shipping. if anyone is interested, make an offer here, no PM's, just gets all messy. buyer pays shipping, and if interested, i have a set of oem blackhoused headlights but one needs to be resealed in the top left corner and possibly a total repaint if your REAAALLY nit picky.

id prefer paypal for this, and i am a certified seller/buyer and have a bunch of paypal feedback from other trades.

i cant really post pictures sicne its still on my car, but the exhaust is in good cndition, but the muffler has a couple of slight dings which i can easily take out when its off the car, and i will fully polish the entire exhaust for you before i ship it :)

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