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I'm selling off a few titles from my DVD collection. Every dvd comes with it's original box and is in great shape.

I'll take $5.00 or best offer for each DVD. Local pick up in North Jersey or you can pay for shipping.

Get'um while they hot! This will also be listed on and any other site I can pimp my movies on.

1) The Wildest Sideshows Uncensored
2)2FAST2REAL For Hollywood
3)Teckademics Mischief 5
4)Teckademics Mischief Invasion
5)Midnight Street Racing
6)Illegal street Racing Imports and Outlaws
7)Servin it Up by
8)Street Biker - Chain Reaction
9)The Fast and the Grimey - NYC Street racing DVD
10)Ruff Ryders - WINK1100
11)Teckademics Mayhem street trucks
12)Urban Street Bike Warriors
13)Hyper Street Racing - Hyper Type A
14)Fast and the Fearless #4 - See The Speed
15)On The Scene 2 Full Loaded by
16)Drift Society - Hardcore Drifting Action
17)Teckademics Mischief 3000
18)Outlaw Street cars vol 1 - Death or Glory
19)Reasonable Doubt - Apex Stunt team
20)Road Rage 2 - In Speed We Trust
21)XGB X-Factors Greatest Hits - Extreme Roadbike Action
22)Grip Video vol 2 - Import Street Racing
23)Crazy White Boys - Homegrown Degenerate Humor
24)Underground Riders - Demo DVD(Never sold in stores, picked up at NYC bike show)
25)Street Fury - Gold Edition
26)Holligans & Thugs - Soccer's Most Violent Fan Fights
27)Mike V's Greatest Hits
28)Ghetto Fights 2
29)World's Wildest Street fights 2
30)Stevo-o - Out on Bail

I also have 2 rare VHS tapes for sale

1) Acclab - The Fastest of 2000
This is the one before any of the teckademics series came. This is what brought teckademics to life.

2)Street Racer Extreme vol 2
This is New York and New Jersey Street Racing at it's best. The most Famous spots with the fastest cars raced on the streets. Every race in sub 11 sec runs on the streets. Also includes some track footage.

Make me offers for these 2 beauties.
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