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OKay everyone, I have for sale a T.O.P type deal here and am in a dilema....

In southern Cali there is a LOOMING strike. I work for cocacola and cannot afford 2 cars, this car costs a little more so I am selling her....

I have had it since FEB 14th 2003, probably the first 6 speed in california! lol

Anyway I believe the payoff is 24,000.00 I will take that and thats it.... out teh door would be 28770...... an 04 a little more.I have no mods no springs but a sporty bra!!
The car is CLEAN and still smells new...

The miles are ALL freeway and rarely driven... I took three trips to RENO which is why the mileage is 11,000..........

My APR isn't the best so I suggest call me @ 949-456-1146 ANYTIME and I'd be happy to work on a deal or whatever.....
MSRP on an 03 was 25,900.00 I eat the tax the car is less than year old and RARELY DRIVEN!!!!! look at the tires (i'll try to get pics hosted for you ) but still please help
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