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as the title says...
I'm actually a little tired of the raised car height due to the 19inch diameter plus the 245/40 profile not allowing me to dump the car...

this really is a testing waters thread, cuz I'm still more than happy to have these...just seeing what possibilities are out there

19x8.5 5x114.3 +43 black TE37 with 245/40/19

these are in almost perfect condition except for a few very small nicks and also, 3 of the wheels are gloss black, but one is fading to flat black, which can be touched up and re-glossed for around $150

These come with almost brand new falken FK452 (2) and Hankook Ventus k104 (2)

which brings to the total value at over $4000, considering the condition and the damages, I still value these at around $3200

so if I'm gonna trade for your 18's TE37s, I need cash on top of much will depend on the tires you provide and also the condition of the wheels

looking for at least 8 inches wide, and also no less than +40 offset..

will also consider other JDM forged wheels, but preferrably TE37s

please don't comment if you don't like this idea, is does nobody good

I will be posting this on multiple forums, so please contact me at [email protected]
909 456 5672

here are a few pics...will have better ones soon

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