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My Exhaust =D

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My Exhaust =D 6/6/09 *added a quick video

well i finally got my exhaust done, and wanted to share and see what u guys thought about it

also got the custom headers that where laying in my room installed, 4 those of u that dont kno what headers im talking about here are some pics

2" primaries
4-1 burn collector
2.5" tapering to 3" collector

exhaust specs
full stainless steel, mandrel bent tubing
3" mid pipe
3" high flow cat (300 cell, flows 579cfm)
3" straight thru vibrant super quiet resonator
3"-2.5" y-pipe 3" splits to 2.5" piping
dynomax super turbo mufflers
and zommers 3.5" resonated tips

*update 6/7/09

quick video

youtube link if u wana play it in HD sounds alot better

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thats a clean setuo..wat kind of headers r those..they look real clean
good job!!
them fix tickets always get bigger than they are suppost to
Yeah i let my friend borrow my car n he was speedin somewhere in the san fernando valley n he got pulled over n got refd so i got a ticket for the intake no plates n now i have a $500 ticket which sucks..damn cops..
1 - 4 of 77 Posts
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