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here are couple of thing I have for sale

abercombie hats w/t adjustable straps.. brand new.. never used still the tags
a/f item #541-2055-01
orginal cost: $19.50
sell price: $10.00 shipped each or 25 shipped for all 3

sunpak 6200 platinum tripod..used few times
$15 shipped

not the actual pic but looks exactly like that

Rota slip streams 17 by 7.5 curb marks whats so ever.. clean set.. sitting in the garage for a while..came off my bro's accord.. tires have camber wear so wont be included until and unless u want them
$500 picked up OBO

18 BY 8 offset:i think 37
18 by 8.5 offset:37
has some curbage due to age.. will take better pics
$1500 picked up OBO

if any questions pm me
1 - 20 of 65 Posts