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here is the deal. i have this

1 10inch sub
1 4 channel amp

i just wanna swap to my new setup which is 1 mono amp and 1 12 inch sub. but i cant achieve this as the system place which installed my stuff in LA wired in such a way that the speakers are powered thru the amp. so what do i need to acheive to keep the 4 channel amp running to all the speakers inside and to run the 1 channel amp and sub? what would i need? and do i need to rewire the whole car or?.

and another thing.

my fuse went out and when it did the front speakers didnt work but the rear speakes worked. does this mean that the 4 channel amp is only connected to the front speakers? if this is the case how should i go about doin this? AND WHAT DO I NEED?

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Don't know if this comes to you too late but I'll give you advice anyway.

Sounds like your rear speakers are connected to your head unit. So on your four channel, channels 1-2 were wired to your fronts and channels 3-4 were bridged to your sub.

Turn your gains all the way down before you do this.

The best thing to do in this situation is to bridge that 4ch to your front speakers. You'll need two RCA Y-splitters and hook them up to each end of your RCA. Hook up the left side to channels 1-2 and hook the right side to channels 3-4.

Now you want to bridge the speaker wire. Hook up the left side speaker wire to the outside positive (+) and outside negative (-) of channels 1-2.

Do the same thing with the right side speaker wire, outside + and outside -. Most amplifiers will have a little diagram by the terminals to illustrate which speaker outputs to use.

Reset your gains. You won't need to turn them up very high because you just doubled the power to your front stage. Careful when you're setting these because you are adjusting front/rear for left/right so try to get them the same so both channels are the same volume.

Good luck

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hey neel, too bad you're not in socal anymore. i could've redo your system. so it sounds like you're trying to add another amp. you're going to have to buy a new amp kit with distributors and redo the wires. you're also going to need to get another line converter for the mono amp.
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