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i just read awhile back on this forum about Nex coilovers...i was just wondering if anyone has heard of any good or bad things about them cuz they do seem pretty inexpensive compared to teins and the other major brands. i just need something that would ride good on the streets w/ height damping adj needed. also, does Nex make one for '95 V6? if not, can i use the one they make for 90-97 accord and have it install and work fine on my '95 V6. thanks ahead of time guys!!

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nex = very good quality
buddy had some on his 98 accord
was very good - nice and stiff and he gave the accord a 3" drop
did not bounce up at all

if you are aiming for suspension for our cars ... I've gone through a few ...

I've had el cheapo coil overs on OEM - bounce city
I've had ractive coilovers on OEM - bounce city

I have now Tein S Tech with GR-2's
the ride is super comfortable
I have a 2.2-2.3 drop and the car has no rebound of rough stiffness
it's OEM comfort with a big drop I love it
we have horrible roads up here, and it takes them with a smile
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