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whats up guys, i am looking to sell my car to getta bmw 325i, i love my car soooo much but i am just ready for a change, im ready to fix up something different so sadly i am going to be parting with my car, so here is a description of it. btw i live in the bay area near concord, so if anyone from around here wants to look at it just email me @ [email protected]. if you live around here u have probly seen me or heard me on the road! haha. one more thing, i do have a custom sound system in it, i have gotta w7 flush mounted to my trunk, unfortunately for you i am keeping my system to put it in the beemer so you will not be getting that with the car, but i have my stock deck, and i will let you keep the speakers that are in there. they are jl audio highs and mids so they are pretty nice speakers that you can just have for free.

99 accord ex v6 coupe
black leather interior
skunk 2 coilovers(300)
apexi n1 dual exhaust(350)
jt evo 3 front bumper(300)
black widow side skirts and rear bumper(600)
stock spoiler
power everything
cai intake(150)
denso spark plugs(i forget how much they were)
custom blue painted engine cover(15.00)
whole trunk is dynamated so no rattle
i have a custom system with neon lights in the trunk so when i take out my 12"w7 all you have to do is throw a new sub in there and you gotta custom system
indiglo gauges(80, cus i bought them hella days ago when they just came out)
18" konig imagine rims(a lot)
literally brand new 235/40/18 nangkang tires which have a really sick tread design

umm there is probly more **** that i am forgetting that i will think of later, i have spent soo much money over the past two years on this car its not even funny.

oh, the first two car shows that i ever entered it in i won two trophies so this car with a little more work can be winning car shows left and right

the car has been detailed soooooo many times!!! i have gotten in buffed two times, and before every big show i have the car professionally cleaned inside and out, interior,exterior,engine

the car has around 58,500 miles on it, so its not too bad in the mileage department. most of it is highway miles anyways commuting back and forth to work everyday. the engine runs like a dream, the car has had all scheduled maintenance work, so the car runs perfect, never had a problem with it. i dont know if im partial to this because its my car but my exhaust has got to be the best god dam exhaust in the world, i love my exhuast, it had a nice deep tone to it. sounds great when going through tunnels!!! haha

so, thats all i can think of right now, if you live in the bay area and wanna check it out then just email and i would be glad to set something up. With everything on it i.e. bodykit,rims,exhaust,coilovers etc... i am asking $14,000 extremely semi negotiable, so if you are serious and can get the money, we can set up a time and place for you to view it. unfortunately i dont have any personal pix of the car online, but if you want to go to my car teams website you can see it there at, and i know its all over the import websites like SRO and and i think overboost has it too. so those are the only pix you can see online but if you are serious about buying it and you wanna see it in person just let me know, i would be happy to do that. [email protected]

i know im forgetting something!!! so if anyone has any questions just hit me up on my email and i will answer them for you.

josh d
team xlerate
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