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Hey guys,

I have a OBX exhaust that's for 7th gen AV6 coupes customized to fit a 7.5 gen AV6 sedan. I bought this and had it on the car for about a month or two but decided to go with custom 3in exhaust, SINGLE OUTLET. Don't get me wrong, this thing sounds like a Infiniti G and has that distinctive J-series engine noise but I want to have the sleeper look with a single outlet haha.

It was extended to fit the sedan so there is a straight pipe welded on to the exhaust where the 3rd cat/test pipe and the exhaust piping would meet. the piping bends that lead into the mufflers have been cut slightly to widen the mufflers to fit the bumper cutouts.

i'd prefer local pickup but will look into shipping if that's the route i have to take to get this sold. I'll try my best to get some pics up soon. It's still bolted on my car.

I'm asking $300 pick up or $300 plus shipping.

Thanks guys!
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