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I have a 10 mile old OEM Air Filter for 7th Generation Accord V6. I bought it last week and installed it. I haven't driven my car all week beucase I was recovering from an operation I had and wasn't allowed to drive. In that mean time I ordered a K&N drop in filter online, and just installed it.

The OEM filter cost me $20 bucks. It's still clean and only 10 miles on it from testing the power out in my new car when I installed it. It only has a little smudge on the filter from taking it out and putting it in which is easily cleanable.

Anyways since it is used and this is v6p I'm only asking 10 bucks plus 3 bucks to ship it. I already have a box and everything. I'm going to ship it in the old K&N box.

Drop me a line at [email protected] if interested. First come first serve ...
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