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Quick question:

Does a 7th gen 4dr w/navi have any type of crossovers between the factory wiring and woofer or tweeter? Or is it just a run of wire from the HU that splits into 2?

The reason why I ask is because I installed some Boston Pro60s in the doors using the factory wiring and they sound flat, even with maxed eq adjustments in the 12k band. I am not sure if they are the Boston Pro's or not.

I had plan to run new wiring but the damn molex plug on the doors slowed me down, installed these when it was freezing outside. Now that the weather is nice, I will run new wire.

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The only passive you'll see on a non-amplified stock stereo is the cap on the tweeter, that's it. Other than that, I believe manufacturers rely on a natural roll off for the rest of the drivers with low efficient power.
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