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these wont fit over my upcoming bbk setup so i picked up a set of 3rd gen TL wheels to use so i no longer need these.

im looking to just get rid of them, no trades unless the part really catches my eye.

Price: $200 picked up OBO
Location: NorCal/Bay Area
*(willing to ship for additional cost)
**(can have them in the general UCLA area by THIS weekend only for $40,last day to take up this LA area offer is this Thursday night, after that this offer will be gone.)

- no bends or cracks in the rims
- one tire has a crack in the sidewall but i've had it balanced and driven on them for at least 20,000 miles since i first saw it and have had no issues.
- minor camber wear on 2 tires, hardly noticable on one of them, the other is a little more noticable but still nothing to worry about.
- couple minor curbs, one rim has scratches on the face of the spokes.
- center caps INCLUDED.
- tires are 205/60/16 Toyo Spectrum all season tires.

pics: (images are only linked because they're pretty big)
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