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SOLD!!!! OEM Sunroof Wind Deflector - 2001 model

Sup friends,
I'm still cleaning out my storage, selling OEM stuff I don't plan on using ever again...

I pulled this item off my car a few years ago because I prefer the clean look -- no accessories. It has normal wear and tear for a 8 year old item. I cleaned it up and it looks pretty darn good. I'd rate it about a 8 out of 10. Weather stripping is not torn or brittle. No harsh scratches at all. Includes mounting hardware.

I can take more pics if you like, but I'll need to send them to your email. Just let me know and I'll get back to ya the same day I read your PM or post.

I'm gonna ask $51.50 shipped - U.S. only. Yes, that $1.50 is the 3% paypal fee, sorry. It's a bulky item so, shipping will hurt me, especially if your way out on the west coast. We all know times is hard right now and the market is a lil slow, but I'm firm on this price as of now.

thanks members!!

The whole shabang!!

Authenticated: ;)

Hardware attached:
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