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Hello, I've had this 11 Accord V6 for 8 years, and the red oil light came on out of the blue, solid on not blinking. Turned car off and on several times and it is still on. Towed it to my Honda mechanic and when I drove it a few hundred yards from two truck to park in mechanic lot, it stalled. Had oil pressure checked at oil switch, they said it was zero oil pressure (assuming they measured it correctly here). Had oil changed even though it was changed 1000 miles ago, thinking it may be a clogged or failed oil filter. Light still on.

So my thinking now is maybe a clogged oil pick up screen or failed oil pump or something else, although failed oil pumps seem exceedingly rare for this car.

But if it really is a failed oil pump, this would make some sense as there is supposedly zero oil pressure and it happened all of the sudden. Had 150k and owned it since 20k.

Any thoughts? Do pick up tubes get clogged in these cars?

I was using 10w30 syn blend high mileage oil as it slows down the burn rate from 1qt/1000m to 1qt/2k. It now has 0/20 syn in it now.
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