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My oh so generous brother-in-law has decided to gift his 1999 Solara to my lil sister-in-law who is going to be a senior in the fall and who is moving in with us this summer.

Why is he so generous? This is the car in which he has driven the treads to the steel belts and never changed it until my father-in-law saw it and paid for new tires out of his own pocket because he was afraid his new grandson might be killed in that car. This is the car in which my bro-in-law rarely did any oil changes or done any sort of preventive maintenance on this car. It is in bad need of a total detail job as well.

Guess who now has the duty of trying to get this piece of **** junker back to being a nice car again? ME!
The car has over 100,000 miles....argh! I dread examining that engine compartment!

SO.....I'd welcome any suggestions right now. I already know the following things.

1) Needs serious detail job.
2) Probably needs complete oil and tranny flush
3) Have all suspension checked and definitely check the tire wear.
4) Get 4-wheel alignment after replacing tires
5) Probably needs new spark plugs as well

Anything else?


And to think, this guy is going to be a radiologist.......I fear for his patients.


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6) Power steering flush
7) Brake flush
8) Check brake pads and rotors
9) Replace intake filter

That's all I can think of at the moment. Good luck!

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*duck* check the transmission... most 6th gen v6 do.. hehe
A/C recharge
check for rust
check condition of all weatherstrip

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V6 or i4? The i4 (2.2L 5S-FE) has been around forever and can hold its own. The V6, however, has a sludging problem IF you do not do frequent oil changes. I would suggest getting the engine flushed just in case. The transmission is solid. Just make sure the fluid is replaced.

Trans Fluid - 15k intervals
Coolant - 30K intervals
Brake Fluid - 30k intervals
P/S Flush - 30k-45k intervals
Check the front rotors for warping (common on that body type of ES300 (xCV chassis), I don't know if it's that bad on the Solara or Camry, but it's something to check)
If it's a V6, check ALL the wheel bolts on the hub. The V6 lug nuts seem to kill those bolts... totally killed my bolts when I sold my Volks =[ The V6 wheel style is a 6 spoke 16". The 4-cyl is a 7 spoke 15".

Check/decarb/clean the throttle body and possible the idle air control valve. The IAC valve is more common to cause cold start RPM flux during the cold season (check this winter).

Check the drive belts for dry-ness / cracking
Replace the timing belt around 90-100k
I think the V6 plugs were made for 60k intervals, i4 @ 90k... but I'd double check. Toyota varies the damn plugs from year to year =/
Check the rear sway bar links/bushings (will squeak during cold operation over speed bumps, so it's easy to check from a cold start)

Just ask if you hear any odd noises =P
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