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BlueK24a4 said:
Event: First Annual G7A Northeast Mega Meet

DATE: July 18-20

Location: Carlisle, PA


Plans: Photoshoot, some people going gocarting i think, and im sure there is plenty to do there since a lot of car evens are held there

Please post your name if you planning on coming and ill add you to list. its 2 month away so plenty of time to ask for days off and stuff

Definite Attendeees:
1)Mike (BlueK24a4)G7A- NECM
2)Arie (4dr 6mt)G7A - NECM
3)Vince (f1ybastid)G7A- NECM
4)Ben (Accord Euro-R)G7A- OHCM
5)Brian (BlackPearlV6)G7A- OHCM
6)Dean (dmac)G7A- PACM
7)Bryan (Blinx197)G7A- MDVACM
8)Victor (G Vice)G7A- MDVACM
9)Derrick & Ashley (abailey4)G7A & V6P- MDVACM
10)Andrew (nhbp04accord)G7A- MDVACM
11)Steve (InFuMoUs)G7A- NECM
12)Tim (timot_one)G7A- NECM
13) Misha (AV6NHBP6SPD)G7A & V6P - PACM

Possible Attendees:
1)Ryann42584 - MDVACM
2)ashley - OHCM
3)striktlyaccord - NECM
4) msedacca

Hotel Information
Motel 6 Harrisburg - Carlisle #1297
1153 Harrisburg Pike
i-81 at Harrisburg Pike, Exit #52/52-b
Carlisle, PA, 17013
Phone: (717) 249-7622 | Fax: (717) 249-0597

4dr 6mt said:
I contacted Motel 6 Group sales. The bad news is that we don't get discounted pricing. The good news is that the pricing is locked so that the hotel cannot change it. However, they have a nice setup for us. Below are the details:

Motel 6 #1297 - Group Sales Reservation # is 800-544-4866.

Each member makes his/her own reservation by calling the number above and mentioning that they are part of the Gen7Accord Car Club. Our Group # is M129700093.

We don't have to put a deposit for room reservations. However, we must all make our reservations before 12:00am on June 18, 2008. Motel 6 currently is holding 20 2 queen size bed / 2 person rooms. After June 18, the rooms are available to the general public.

Pricing Details:

45.99 - One person in One Room
51.99 - Two people in One Room
57.99 - Four people in One Room

All rooms are going to be grouped together. All rooms are 2 queen size bed rooms and all rooms face the parking lots.

Plus, I made a request that the one room with 4 dudes will have a nightime supply of KY jelly :D j/k.

More info will added as it becomes available.

Updated 3/3/08 @ 11:17pm by blue
i will keep this thread updated as soon as i get updates from gen7accord
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