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Excellent condition 650. I was using the phone until I purchased a 700p.

Phone is in near-perfect condition with only a small small crack in the housing on the left side of the phone. There are little speck/nicks on the phone (9) that are like 1 mm in size = hardly noticeable unless you look at them in the light at an angle.

There is a screen protector that I put on the LCD on the inside of the phone so that dust doesn't settle around the LCD edges. It will come with the battery, car charger, wall charger, stylus (if I can find it) and PTUNES. Yes, it will come with shareware software since i bought it I figured I'd leave it on the phone for the next guy! It has FileZ and SnapCalc5.01 right now, and I don't know what else it has on there.

Anyways, I'm asking for $200 shipped or best offer. Let me know, this phone is in freaking awesome condition. I'll post pictures shortly.

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