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Hey guys, I'm parting out the easy things first. Some require swap otherwise stated. Pictures will come once I get the chance to, right now car is in the shop. Please read every detail and the notice below.

NOTICE: Some parts will require locals unless you can ship me your part and wait for me to swap yours with mine before I send you mine. Obviously think before you message me. I will do locals first. I'm in NO RUSH to sell, so chill out. Also, if I list something too high, PM me don't post in here. I haven't been around recently so I'm not familiar with prices of used items.

Prices are OBO, shipping not included, fees not included. I will take deposits for larger items (nonrefundable so think before you buy). I don't like using Paypal, cash/certified checks are preferred. In the end, MONEY TALKS.

Parts fit: 2nd gen CL, 2nd gen TL, 6th gen Accord. Others may very

Rotora Big Brake Kit
Details: Red calipers, a few minor paint chips here and there. Cross/drilled rotors.
Condition: 8/10
Price: $790

Custom Magnaflow Exhaust (Requires stock trade)
Details: Uses Greddy Evo 2 Pipping. Scrapes on underside of tip
Condition: 8/10
Price: $150 + cost of labor + trade (01-03 CL's ONLY)

AEM Blue Cold Air Intake
Details: It was cut in the middle to be converted for the supercharger. I have a coupler there now, works the same.
Condition: est. 30,000 miles. Filter cleaned 10,000 miles ago
Price: $100

Ingalls Camber Arms Requires stock trade
Details: This is NOT just the ball joint replacement, it is the whole arm. Modified to produce more negative camber, still corrects camber as well.
Condition: est. 10,000 miles
Price: $80 + trade

Custom TL 99-01 Lip Kit (Requires front oem bumper trade + oem side skirts)
Details: Front lip is molded to front bumper. Sideskirts are molded on top of CL sideskirts. Rear lip is screwed onto rear bumper (not molded).
Condition: You will need repaint since I have a custom color. Front bumper requires some body work, shouldn't be costly just some filler around parts of the lip.
Price: $1000 + trade

Eibach Rear Sway Bars + Adjustable Endlinks
Details: Comes with an adjustable endlink. Won't separate.
Condition: It's a sway bar.... doesn't get old lol
Price: $110

XS Power Headers
Details: It's fine, comes with the crappy flexpipe that I would recommend replacing since it'll be off the car
Condition, downpipe probably has a dent from being really low
Price: FREE if you uninstall it and reinstall my stock headers :thumbsup:

Ralco Stocksize pulley
Details: It's a pulley
Condition: 8,000 miles
Price: FREE if you uninstall it and reinstall my stock one

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if i want you to uninstall its not free... LOL its free if you uninstall it.

yes it will fit ur accord

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Yea I read that but I wanted to know if it's the crank, alternator, or ps pulley, cus I already have one pulley on my car.
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