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Hi v6p!
I just sold my car today(I miss it already:bawling:) and i have some stuff left from the car which i would like to get rid off.
I will have the pictures up by this weekend, but I will list them here first for now:

1. 03-07 Aftermarket Windows visor for sedan(Perfect condition, fits perfectly. Needs new 3M tape.)

Was $50, asking $35!

2. 03-07 OEM tan floor mats. (Good condition. Replaced with all weather mats and garaged these. Sorry its dirty due to storage, but guarantee no rips & tears.)

Was $55, asking $45

3. 03-05 OEM Front license plate bracket holder. (Good condition, removed when I bought the car.)

Was $20, asking $15

4. OEM Complete Interior light bulbs. (NO these are not LED's, they are stock bulbs! Comes with all interior bulbs 100% lights up, no issues.)

Was $15, asking $10

NOTE: All prices are OBO. Local preferred; shipping is extra.

My paypal is [email protected] or locals call me at 408-398-8589 for immediate response!
Contact me for more info!
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