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I am parting out my Legend. It will be a little while before I can pull the motor t of it, but in the mean time, I can pull anything else you may want from it. Just PM or email me, and I will name my price... Negotiable.
I will take pictures of anything that you are interested in. The car was involved in a front end collision with Grand Cherokee. I am positive the motor is in great shape, it was still running after the wreck occurred (no rod knock, etc.). When I can get it out, I will run a compression check. Anything minor from the front can not be salvaged... with a few exceptions....such as the front bumper turn signals.

Some notable things:

Front right CV, less than 800 miles on it.
Center Console Trim, 3 years old (local shop put in my headunit, and broke the old one.)

All leather with the exception of the drivers side seat is in great shape. No one ever rode with me. The leather will be conditioned (again), and I will clean the spill off of the rear seat.

All glass, minus the front windscreen, is in great shape. Back three are tinted with LLumar.

Rear pads and rotors are in great shape. Less than a year on the pads, rotors are straight. (Will not sell the front rotors or pads, they are warped).

Master Cylinder was done at the same time as the rear brakes. It is all OER or OEM stuff.

All rims are true, and in great shape. One has a curb rash on the face. Tires are Potenza G009's, 205 60 15's. I'll let the tires and rims go, but not for very cheap. The tires do have quite a bit of life left on them, and I payed about 440 out the door for them.


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