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The Motor is out of the car and need to go ASAP.
IF this does not sell soon, I will part it out.
$2200, Located In Niagara Falls

Will also come with:
Stock mounts
clutch that has 6,000kms
prelude axels(one boot will need to be changed)
headers, downpipe, 02 sensor
Helix, throttle body spacer

Also few things to note, since I got this swap, i have put on 6,000kms. The car rarely gets driven.

More specs:
The motor is rebuilt and here are the specs and what you will get with this:

» H22A4 Honda Prelude Engine Swap with Polished Motor Housing
» GREDDY BLUE Extreme Timing Belt
» GREDDY BLUE Extreme Drive Belt
» 1996 Honda Prelude P13-A12 OBD2A ECU
» H22A Transmisson
» HONDATA Intake Manifold Gasket
» Custom lollypop purple Valve cover
» Aluminum Custom Fabricated Throttle Cable Bracket
» MEGAN Stainless Steel 4-2-1 Header
» DEI Black High Temp Header/Exhaust Wrap
» Custom Fabricated Header Brace
» INJEN Polished Cold Air Intake (not available)
» Gold High Temp Foil


pics from before:


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Hey I was wondering what in the engine is built ? Is the head or block built ? Also, is the tranny that comes with it 5 spd ? Will the ecu be included ? Thanks !
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