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Hi guys, looking to sell this black airbag, Locals would be preferred but shipping is on option too (will cost approx $15-20 extra to ship it depending on location).

It is in mint condition, emblem has no flaws on it.

Will work with any 01-02 accord coupe or sedan. Steering wheels can usually be found for about another 100 bucks and are simply bolt on.

Check out the DIY thread on steering wheel/airbag swapping for more info.

This is a great way to add sportiness to your interior, because once you have the airbag and steering wheel installed, it is a smaller diameter 3 spoke rim with thumb rests versus the school bus size stock wheel.

Oh, and if you don't like the acura "A" logo, there are plenty of Honda "H" stickers you can get to cover it up, for about 5 or 10 bucks each. But personally, this would go pretty well with some RSX Seats, TL or TL-S wheels, and Acura RL BBK :)

$220 OBO

Price is negotiable. Low-Ballers will be tarred and feathered :bonk:

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