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I recently purchased the u.r. underdrive pulley for my car, and have a JL 300/4 amp for the fronts and rears.

I decided to pull out my sub and amp so as to not stress the alternator, so its up for sale. I def prefer local b/c this stuff is heavy, I'm in Westchester NY. Basically means tri state area, and I'll drive 1/2 for 'pick ups'

Amp: Phoenix Gold Octane R 1 Ch 500 watt Amp:

Octane-R Features:

500 Watts (2 Ohms Mono) Max Power
Grained aluminum insert
Carbon fiber badge, backlit with blue LED
Optional neon inserts for all amp models
Overload and comparator circuitry
Full range thru output
Remote monitoring Display (RMD) port
Twin "T" bass circuitry at 45Hz
High efficiency monoblock amplifier
18dB variable LP crossover
18dB variable subsonic filter
Low Pass Level port (LPL)
Dimensions: 12.675L x 10.875W x 2.25H

SWR-1022D 10" Type-R Series Subwoofer


Peak Power Handling 500Watts
RMS Power Range 26-300Watts
Impedance ( Ohms ) 2
Free-Air No
Dual Voice Coil Yes
Sensitivity 85dB
Frequency Response 26 - 500Hz
Cone Material Kevlar Reinforced Pulp
Surround Material Rubber

Enclosure: I know nothing about the enclosure to be honest. I bout the sub and enclosure together from the place I go to when I buy this stuff. I saw the sub in the enclosure and took it. Its a smaller enclosure with a port on the side.

The bass was perfect for me. I actually had the amp turned down alot, maybe I'm just getting old....but its all preference.

Enclosure and sub is mint condition. Amp has one or two scratches on it but its in perfect mint working condition. It's the model that has the blue led light around the center. link to sub pic

I'd like to sell the whole set up for $400. I think thats fair based on what you can buy it all for now. Anyone interested? If my prices are way off and anyone finds cheaper prices online I'll obviously adjust. I'm just too lazy to search too much.



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I really woldn't want to ship it because it would be expensive due to weight and size probably. But for a pick up type deal, I dunno maybe $200.

I also updated the specs on the sub, I had the wrong ones posted. I got my 500 watt amp to match a 500 watt sub, not a 1,500 watt sub as originally posted. . .my bad.
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