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plan for CAM

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very important info. roll in times are different, mine is at 9-9:45am. some are on much later times. post 'em up so we can organize the caravan and meet up times.

if you don't, it's all good. we'll just all meet up at the park w/ our consecutive roll in times.

8:20am pre-meet for OC peeps. target, 10600 Firestone Blvd Norwalk. We leave target at exactly 8:30am, no more or less. if your late, meet us up at 2nd pre-meet spot for LA peeps.

9am pre-meet for OC and LA peeps. 2nd parking lot on right along crystal springs drive and los feliz. from the 5 freeway exit los feliz. head west and turn right into crystal springs drive. on the right you'll see parking lots for hikers and visitors of griffith park. the 2nd one is bigger and lowered vehicle friendly.

if you need my cellphone number email me [email protected], tell me your username and i'll email you my number.

last time we boned out after the raffle. this year a couple of us talked and plan to stay a bit longer. up to you guys what you want to do, welcome to stay or head out early.

list of people going and ringing for bbq. just copy paste the list pls.

1. jowell - 1 big bag of charcoal.
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1. Jowell - 1 big bag of charcoal.
2. Lance - some kind of beef for BBQing not sure yet
da fuq!? everyones 9 expect me! im starting a riot!
ill be at target. i think jp is still trying to get the day off
sounds good! lol that innovative kid!
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Watch out for helicopters crashing!!!
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