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I've just changed my 2005 AV6 6spd for an automatic 2009 3.5 Coupe EX-L. This is for medical reasons because I have lower back discogenic disease, and my doctor told me I had to stop driving manual. Here in Puerto Rico could be a pain driving in the morning and after work because of the heavy traffic, and I decided to go with the automatic.

So far I love my new AV6. However... I just noticed that for 2010, all EX-L will have Bluetooth link to use with the cell phone, that's different from the 2009 model, which only the ones with Navigation System comes with the bluetooth. =(

Does anyone knows if it could be installed in the 2009 model? If so, what could be required??

I do prefer the OEM but... if you guys think this will not be possible, please advise on an aftermarket bluetooth system. This is a feature I would really like to have.

Thanks everyone!!!
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