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Hi folks :D ,

i'd like to install my OEM rear lip this weekend before it gets its paintshop.
Reason is that the idiot who deinstalled the lip from his car, didn't this carefully though he took a flex and destroyed the 6 brackets which are at the long side below the license plate. :banghead:

My dad actually try to make new ones, and so i want to check whether the lip will sit exactly before painting it.

Now to my question :D

How did u guys solve the problem installing the lip with aftermarkets mufflers.

Do u lower the hooks where the mufflers hang on?

My plan is to take longer gums for my mufflers so the mufflers come deeper and the difference between the lip and the mufflers become bigger OR take a heat gun and try to form the lip so the gab which is in the lip for our oem mufflers become wider, so my aftermarket muffler will fit.

What would u think?

Here is my cars trunk and my mufflers

Thx guys


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you gotta be careful because i have a oem lip rear and it rattles with my exhaust sometimes and i had my exhaust fixed to stop but it still occurs.
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