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Just cleaned out my garage and found a few things I want to list for sale.

1) Mugen style grill. Had this before I swapped to an 02 bumper. Fits 98-99 coupe bumpers, just pull out the pins on your old grill and this one will fit right in. The Mugen emblem is stuck on so you can remove it if you don't like that part. I personally liked it a lot on my car. Professionally painted black. $50

2) J32 Intake Manifold. Bought this from another member on here with the intention of putting it on my car. Doesn't match up perfectly with a J30 so I didn't bother making it work. It's got dust on it but it wouldn't be that difficult to clean it up. Includes the part to make the valves open wider when you hit vtec and the cables for that and the cover for the middle. Paid considerably more for this but I don't care anymore so $100

3) Right/Passenger side headlight. It's got some scratches on it, and I blackhoused it (does not fog up). After my driver's side got smashed I just bought a new set so my old one is useless to me. $20

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