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Rainbow Audio KW 4150. Brand new, just put it in to test it. MINT CONDITION. Comes with box, manuals, everything. 400 shipped and insured via USPS. This includes all fees and everything. Here are the pictures :)

RMS @ 4 ohms: 4 x 150
RMS @ 2 ohms: 4 x 75 or 2 x 260

If you know about car audio, you know that rainbow is elite equipment. Achieve clarity to perfection with your KW 4150. :D

The Rainbow Symbol lights up blue.

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dany2k3m said:
Do you know if this amp can drive the 10" JL sub, sorry i am a newbie when it come to electronic component.
it depends what model the sub is.
w7 - maybe
w6 - you'll prob be running the amp at almost full power
w3 - yeah
w1 - heck yeah, lol
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