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Hello! I had recently installed the ralco underdrive pulleys in my 2004 honda accord sedan 4 cyl automatic. My engine mods prior to these pulleys are tsx intake manifold and AEM SRI. First impression on these pulley's is that it is a lot lighter compared to our stock pulley's. At first I was a bit skeptical on installing these on my own but I figured it would be a good learning process and I also didn't want to pay money for someone else to do it when I know there's a possibility I could do it myself.

JTso's UR underdrive pulleys installation - AcuraZine - Acura Enthusiast Community

I basically just utilized this forum above during my install. The install is exactly the same as the tsx DIY. The main issue that a lot of people come across while attempting to install these pulleys is removing the crank pulley bolt. There are 2 ways that I would personally recommend to remove that bolt and that is by 1. Rent or purchase a Honda crank pulley tool, utilize a break bar with an extension long enough to go past the fender or 2. Purchase a Lisle LS77080 19 mm Harmonic Balancer Socket on amazon or ebay.

The first method was definitely frustrating and probably took me about 30 minutes to get this bolt out but it is indeed doable I must say. Sprayed some WD-40 and let it soak for 10-15 minutes or so. With 2 or 3 it broke loose with a very loud sound that'll make you think you broke something.

As far as the second method goes, based on the video's I've seen it is definitely a lot easier and quicker to remove the bolt but both methods will work.

Now on to the benefits of these pulleys. It probably took a few days to really feel any difference but the car pulls a lot better based on my butt dyno. If you're curious about actual dyno gains, the tsx DIY will provide them and indeed shows the benefits of these pulleys. If you're wondering if this will be worth it or have been having second thoughts, I'd say get it! its worth it! It'll make the car feel like a different car!

Note: This will come with info as to what type of belt you can use. It says that you can use the stock belt but I decided on getting a new one since my indicator was off anyways. I got the GATES K0670694 for around $30 or so.
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