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i have (an incomplete set of) 15 legit Rays short Lugs (lost one yesterday when swapping out wheels :/) . & 4 rep Rays Extended lugs.key works for the reps(legit key) they still work perfect for locks. $75 shipped. $70 picked up. (i was told the extended lugs weren't reps, but i recieved from the person and definately felt the weight difference. but the lock lugs still serve the same purpose.

the reason they look the way they are, color faded, got some blue glass stain and made them look pretty for a while. eventually my sockets made the paint come off.
*will take pic of inside if interested to show the legit short lugs and the replica extended locks.

**i will be purchasing one from another member from here to make it complete or you could hit him up. same difference.
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