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This area is for V6P Members to post their car reviews. It is moderated for content not grammer! So please check your own work before posting. We hope to invite manufacturers and local car dealers to view our reviews.

Please be advised that currently the writer would retain the publishing rights to their articles. However, by posting in this forum, you give V6P permission to use and market your article for its own gain. V6P is still working out this agreement with some of our writers so stay tuned for updates.

Pictures are encouraged. Please upload pictures to your V6P gallery and link from there so we don't get any red "X's" if you decide to move photo hosts. Contributing writers will also receive more space in their V6P galleries as compensation for their contribution.

Thank you and start writing!!!

Richard W. Chang, Esq.
aka Dizzy
V6 Performance Network, Inc.
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