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Up for sale are an extremely rare set of RH Evolution C2000’s. These are a limited edition model of the RH Evo C2, and to my & the owner's knowledge, they were produced in 2000, and only 2000 were made. The main difference between a C2 and a C2000 is the center cap assembly; the C2 has a standard center cap while the C2000 utilizes a 4-piece cotter pin assembly. If you know wheels, you know these are not Racing Harts.

The member I bought them from maintained them in immaculate condition, waxed them every year, and they have never seen winter let alone barely driven on (his car is for show only). I am the 2nd owner of these wheels, I bought them in 2009 from the 1st owner who bought them brand new in 2000 or 2001. They were on the car for one summer, they have been sitting in boxes indoors. I love these, but working on some new projects.

I will include a genuine set of RH lugs w/key (12x1.5). Cotter pins need only a wire brush taken to them, or you can buy replacements. Btw these will clear OEM front calipers w/no spacers.

Specs: 18x7.5 +42
Lug: 5x114.3
Lip: 1.5"
Condition: Mint
Tires: Not included
Reason for selling: Rebuilding a new set of wheels

I will ship at buyer’s cost, but I can make my own boxes to save you money. I may be willing to drive 2 hours to meet the buyer, if applicable.


Wheel 1:

Wheel 2:

Wheel 3:

Wheel 4:

Slight putting on edge of wheel 2:

Slight pitting on edge of wheel 3:

Hardware and lugs w/lug key:

Price: $600 not including shipping. I paid $1100.

Thanks for looking.

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Damn, I've always wanted some C2's. After seeing them on one of my Uncle's car I have always loved them. Too bad I have some wheels on my car right now and shipping would probably rape me. GLWS though!
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