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So my car was totaled by a T-bone accident recently. The parts that will be listed below are all the parts that I took off that would possibly be of use or value to other members. Because of the amount of parts listed, I will link my album, so that this does not blow anyone's computer up. lol :tongue:

*All parts that are used have usual wear and tear, it is not my intention to mislead anyone. Please message me or post if you have ANY questions!*


OEM Driver Side Fog Light from a 2nd Gen TL
Has a crack it in from road debris

2nd Gen TL OEM Tan Floor Mats
Needs a good Shampoo

Cannon Tan Rubber All-Season Mats
Good overall condition, except a slight wear section from my foot.

Weather Tech In Channel Visors for 2nd Gen TL
There are some chips missing from the sides, but this does not affect the appearance or function of the visors

I have 2 sets of STERN ST-11 Rims

Reason for have 2 sets:

I had one set and was going to sell that locally. During that same time I had a friend order me another set of rims from Stern. However, he messed up on the product number and ended up order the exact same rim. I didn't want my friend to incur a restocking fee so I just took the same set of rims.

SET 1 STERN ST-11 19x8.5 +45 Offset
450.00 SHIPPED
Newest set, no bends that I am aware off, but these were daily driven. The shop I had mount the tires was able to mount all the tires and balance them with no problems.

There are some nicks
Another nick near a valvestem along the lip, seriously probably 2mm in width if that
And a Scuff from the mounting of a tire

SET 2 STERN ST-11 19x8.5 +45 Offset
325.00 SHIPPED
These cleaned up really good and still have a really good finish on them

They all have bends but are able to be balanced out.
There is curb rash on one rim about 6-8 inches approximately
Some nicks along the lips
Some VERY minor scratches along the lip of one rim
One rim had a rash along the Lip, from the mounting machine

NOTE: The 1st person to purchase a set of these rims will receive a BRAND NEW SET of Center Caps, a 120.00 value. Then the other set of rims will not have a set of center caps.

1 TOYO Proxes T1R P225/35R19
About 50% Tread Remaining

4 General Exclaim UHP P225/35R19
400.00 SHIPPED
Driven 1,000-2,000 miles if that.
NOTE: These tires are mounted on the newest set of rims, but can be mounted on the 2nd set if one would want that.

OEM 2nd Gen TL Springs
Taken off the car at around 80,000. Because of the weight these are free to pick up unless someone is willing to pay 40-50 shipping for these. They are pretty heavy.

Lastly, local pickup/drop can be arranged depending on the distance, and all offers will be considered!!!! I need to parts out of my garage, please! :thumbsup:

I am also interested in trades for:

Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap, enough to wrap a roof and possible a little more.
High end Radar Detectors Valentine 1, Escort models, Belltronics, etc.

2005-2008 Acura RL aftermarket parts including but not limited to:
5x120 Rims either 18/19 between the ranges of +55 to +40 NON-staggered
H&R Lowering Springs
2nd Gen RL A-Spec Parts
OEM Window Visors
OEM Sunroof Visor
OEM All Weather Floor Mats in Grey
OEM All-Season Trunk Mat

Thanks for looking!

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i understand the XS headers arent made anymore, but $350 for a used set of headers that used to cost $100 shipped?

Got some 19's
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Wood Steering Wheel has been sold.

Intake, Sub, Tsuedo Exhaust, Navi Bezel, Digital Climate Control are all pending as of the moment. If the initial parties do not fall through I will contact the pending parties about those parts.

Thanks for all the interest and I will keep everyone posted!

Got some 19's
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Sorry, AZ's aznboi24! Good luck and keep searching! Those wood steering wheels are hard to come by for a good price, but when I switched over it was definitely worth it!

03TL_TypeS, I don't have access to the car any longer. It was towed away. :( I did send you a PM about the visors though!

Intake and Sub sold.

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Its cool, I know how it works, first person that pays gets it. You got some great prices man, your stuff is flying. GL with the rest of the stuff!
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